Monday, May 25, 2009

Cost of Garment

Costing a garment is depend on the style. If the style is
so complicated like pockets , fancy seams, lining & trims,
decorative stitches etc the cost is high. If the
Garment is simple cost less to make, The cost of the
finished garment will increase in labour cost in production.
If you have chosen an expensive fabric
for one of your designs, it would be wise to keep the
details to a minimum. Using expensive fabric and
many styling details often makes the finished cost of
the garment too high for the market which has been
targeted. Costing a garment is a formula; figuring
costs of fabric and trimmings with labor plus business
overheads and profit is a mathematical equation.
Overhead costs are affected by such factors as
design research, markdown sales losses, brand
advertising, promotions, rent, and everything else that
goes along with owning and running a business. This
all has to be calculated into the costing of a garment.
The cost of piece goods (fabric) is generally about
one-third the initial production cost of a garment.
Ultimately the final figures may be a subjective call of
what the market will bear. If you price your garments
higher than comparative garments sold in stores that
you have targeted for your product, you will find that
your clothes will be left on the rack! For the small


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    sir can you send me calculation of woven and knitted garments consumption and costing, i am job less i have been working with U.K based company it name is Leisurewear i have good buying house experience but there is no requirement of costing and take consumption but there is required memories and dealing to customer and satisfy them about quality and product and understand comments/changes with technical skills and plain accordingly order placement to shipment